New Podcast: Bringing Light Into Darkness w/ Special Guest Tom Bixler

Greetings Brothers & Sisters, In this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, my good friend and brother in Christ, Tom Bixler will be joining me to talk about a variety of topics as they pertain to leading by example in the dark times we live.  Topics discussed include but are not limited to;   –… Continue reading New Podcast: Bringing Light Into Darkness w/ Special Guest Tom Bixler

A Reminder About Judgment

I have been writing a blog on spiritual bread behind the scenes but while doing this I have been noticing a recurring pattern among many Christians.  I felt the need to put that project on hold for the moment and address the topic of judgement.   For how can we multiply the spiritual bread and be… Continue reading A Reminder About Judgment

‘Let It Go’

Recently I was thinking on times in the past -not just in the way I have desired to have done things better, but regret about how I have handled situations, sins I committed but also reflecting much on how things used to be and how it seems many have lost their minds as all around… Continue reading ‘Let It Go’

All You Need

I have spent a lot of time this week pondering why things have gone quiet.  I have felt many are having so many issues hit them at once and as a result it has allowed the spirit of fatigue to enter in and distract them (in terms of focus).  I have made mention of this… Continue reading All You Need

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