New Podcast: Don’t Grow Weary In Waiting

Over the holidays, a few listeners reached out to me to express how tired they were and how they felt close to being on the verge of giving up. Some have fallen into sin as they grew weary. A recent poll I recently saw online showed that for 60-70% of folks, 2023 was not a very kind year to them. If 2023 was a year of attacks, tests, trials and training, what will 2024 hold? What was the purpose of what many of us went through last year? On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about not only growing weary in seasons of attacks and trials and the temptation to sin when the answers seem to be few and far between, but also what else may be happening. During these seasons, what is God trying to show us or what may be the reason for these? What should we do? How does Satan try to tempt us when we’re worn down?  How should we fight these temptations?  What are the consequences to our relationship with the Lord if we harden our hearts and how does it harm our faith if we fall back into continuous sin in these wilderness seasons? What past examples can we look to? What are the reasons for these seasons? What is the right way to respond? What happens when we take our focus off the Lord? Lastly, what is the answer to dealing with self-condemnation attacks? How can we use these to, rather than falling into a pattern of condemning ourselves use the past to glorify the Lord and share our testimony of Jesus? This podcast will cover all these points. It is my hope that this episode is a Blessing to you and that it may shine some revelation on these as we venture into 2024 and whatever we may encounter as we move forward.






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Verses for this episode are in the process of being added here.  Please check back soon.  Thank you


  1. That was a great podcast to start 2024, and for everyone to hear (I know I needed to) – thank you Ray, for reiterating again, the key issues you have pointed out in previous episodes! This really is something for all of us to ponder on, and pray about in seeking the Lord regarding things in our lives that need to be dealt with right now.

  2. Ray that was a very good podcast. We all need these reminders every so often & it’s good to receive that encouragement. I was going through some self condemnation recently & I realized where it was coming from. I prayed to the Lord about it & it went away. And yes, I will word it like that; it went away. Thank you & God Bless You!

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