Can You Hear The Drums of Chaos and War Beating?

Greetings everyone!  I’m currently at work on a few new podcasts which should be going up soon.  In the meantime, as many of you may recall, I told you these things were coming when I spoke on ‘Time Is Running Out,’ ‘Do You See’ and ‘Do You See Part 2,’ and this is why I… Continue reading Can You Hear The Drums of Chaos and War Beating?

A Reminder About Judgment

I have been writing a blog on spiritual bread behind the scenes but while doing this I have been noticing a recurring pattern among many Christians.  I felt the need to put that project on hold for the moment and address the topic of judgement.   For how can we multiply the spiritual bread and be… Continue reading A Reminder About Judgment

Division in the Church

Before I begin, I am pleased to announce to you all that I have launched the Innocence Redeemed podcast.  You can find the premier episode on this very topic, ‘Division in the Church,’  here.    I will be adding the various URL feeds for other platforms (Amazon, Apple, Pandora, Podbean, Spotify, Tune-In) shortly as soon… Continue reading Division in the Church

So Much Division But Little Mercy

People are scared right now and as such they are allowing their fear to consume them to the point that they are reaching their breaking point and taking it out on their fellow citizens.  Anyone can go on YouTube and find endless cell-phone video footage of everyday people beating up on and berating those who… Continue reading So Much Division But Little Mercy