New Podcast: Prophetic Word Podcast w/ Special Guest Prophet John (11-10-2022)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I have invited Prophet John back.  You all may have initially heard John in the Judgment of Nations Part 3 episode.  The Lord has given John some new prophetic Words as well as a few new words for the body and nation.  Ones that are serious and ones that are encouraging.  As with any Word, regardless of who it is given to share with listeners, please take all prophetic Words to prayer.  Also please keep in mind that, any Word isn’t necessarily for just one specific person.  Some Words are for multiple individuals and if any Word should speak to you, we encourage you to take that Word to prayer and ask the Lord to reveal it to you.  Both John and I pray that these Words and this podcast will be a Blessing to you and yours.  Jesus Bless you everyone.  Have a great weekend!




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