Much wisdom may be had by reading the Word of God! 


I personally recommend;



The above link is good for reading on your PC browser, but you can also download the apps for your smartphone or tablet;



Bible App for Amazon Kindle Fire



Bible App for Android



Bible App for Apple iOS



Another great resource for reading the Word via the web;



Bible Gateway



For cross-referencing verses I recommend Bible Hub;



Bible Hub -Web Version



or you can get the app for your smartphone/tablet here:



Bible Hub App for Android



Bible Hub App for iOS



For further study when you aren’t sure about a verse, a good resource I recommend is commentary by Matthew Henry which is available here.



A handy site with several devotionals and prayers for almost every situation:



Knowing Jesus


(some specific prayers from this site are also linked below by topic)





Specific Decrees & Prayers



Please note: Most of these are in pdf format unless otherwise noted.  Brothers and Sisters, I HIGHLY recommend that you download and print these and put them in a binder for safe keeping.  Due to the uncertainty of the times we live, at the very least, save them to your device but I highly recommend printing them if you can.   You can purchase a binder and sheet protectors fairly cheap so you have a resource to go to all for prayers. For the ones that are not in PDF format below, I would recommend copying the text from the site and pasting them in Word, Libre Office Writer or any other word processing program and then saving them.   For any prayer that is not here, remember too that you can always pull verses from the Bible or a promise book to create your own to pray for whatever situation you need.






Prayer for Financial Increase



Psalm 91 Decree



No Illness Allowed Prayer



40 Declarations for Healing from the Bible



Decrees for Strength



Strength Prayer-Declaration



Praise Prayer: Jesus Our Rock



Shadow of the Almighty Prayer (I Shall Not Want)



Warfare Prayer to Cancel Attacks of Frustration & Discouragement  



Warfare Prayer Against Fear, Anxiety & Worry



Casting Down Prayer Against Temptations



Prayer for Help in Forgiving Someone



Prayer for Overcoming Sin



Prayers for Overcoming Pornography (Link)



The Romans 8 Decree Prayer



Prayer for Return of Everything The Enemy Stole From You



Prayer for Someone Else Who Is Suffering Depression



Prayer for Healing & Deliverance for a Lost or Backslidden Child/Person



Prayer for the Unsaved



Prayer to Bind Up Jealousy & Envy In Others Against You



Deliverance Prayer for Renunciation of Masturbation & Sexual Sin (Link)



Deliverance Prayer from Cigarettes, Nicotine & Other Addictions (PDF Link)



Deliverance & Healing Prayer from Rejection (Link)



Prayer Against Familiar & Monitoring Spirits



1st: Read-What is the Spirit of Leviathan & How Can You Identify It?



2nd: Prayer for Deliverance from the Spirit of Leviathan (i.e. confusion) PDF Link



Prayer Against Destructive Storms



Prayer Against Bad Treatment or Loss by the Wicked & Prideful



Decree/Salvation/Repentance Prayer for Enemies & Those Who Persecute You



Prayer Against Witchcraft or Spells Sent Against You



Battle Prayer Against Jezebel



Warfare Prayer Against Fatigue



Morning Decree & Praise



*Please note the above list is subject to be expanded/updated at anytime without notice.






You would be shocked how much lines up with Bible prophecy.  Here are some sites I follow for News/Videos/Podcasts:



Earthquake forecasting by Dutchsinse live on Twitch (note: the twitch link appears to be inactive for now) and latest archives on YouTube



Winepress News


Natural News


Steve Quayle


The Hagmann Report


The Liberty Daily


Maria Zee (Australia)


John B. Wells -Ark Midnight




SGT Report


Deborah Tavares


Restricted Republic


Strange Sounds


The Common Sense Show


Think About It News


Zero Hedge


Monkey Werx (YouTube)


Dane Wigington (Geo Engineering Watch)




Note: I do not claim any ownership to any of the ‘sites I follow’ written/posted blogs, resources, websites, or videos -nor is Innocence Redeemed associated with them in any way.  All rights are reserved to the original content creators and/or owners.  I do not necessarily agree with all articles or comments/views expressed therein.  Not all of them always get it right.  Not all are Christian themed but are here for informational purposes.  I only post these here as a resource for you, the reader to take into consideration what we see unfolding in the world we live.  It is up to you, the reader, to take any news piece to the Lord and seek discernment over the content provided.  I do not receive any compensation for promoting these sites and/or tools.  May they Bless and be useful to you in your walk with our Lord Jesus that they may be used to show you in determining & discerning the lateness of the hour.  As for any content I post here from any other ministries, it may be because I have not covered it yet or they do a fine job explaining it.  What you need to know is that in this late hour, no topic is too ‘taboo’ or off limits to cover as there are many who really are struggling to find the truth or be freed from specific sins that have enslaved them for years.  This list is subject to update as-is necessary.