The Enemy Is Sending Many Many Attacks…

Greetings everyone and hope all of you are well.  I have been hearing when talking to other believers and noticing personally, that the attacks are on the increase lately and have been some time now.  I have personally experienced some of them and so I am reposting podcasts that have been done in the past… Continue reading The Enemy Is Sending Many Many Attacks…

New Podcast: An Isaiah 19 Study

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I will be presenting a study of Isaiah 19, specifically verses 1-17 which we can see unfolding now.  The similarities are shockingly similar to what we see now.  Denial, foolishness, idols, perversion, dried-up and poisoned lakes and rivers, and so on.  It’s a time to be bold;… Continue reading New Podcast: An Isaiah 19 Study

‘Let It Go’

Recently I was thinking on times in the past -not just in the way I have desired to have done things better, but regret about how I have handled situations, sins I committed but also reflecting much on how things used to be and how it seems many have lost their minds as all around… Continue reading ‘Let It Go’

So Much Division But Little Mercy

People are scared right now and as such they are allowing their fear to consume them to the point that they are reaching their breaking point and taking it out on their fellow citizens.  Anyone can go on YouTube and find endless cell-phone video footage of everyday people beating up on and berating those who… Continue reading So Much Division But Little Mercy

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