New Podcast: Which Way? Surrendering To God or Holding On To The World?

On this unplanned episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be revisiting a Word I received nearly three years ago titled ‘An Unconventional Refining.’  As we head into 2024, many are focused on many distractions whether attention is on the elections or what ‘we’ want to do.  But are we stopping to consider what the Lord is showing us with recent revelations and situations we may be in right now?  Are we putting first the Lord and what He wants us to do or are we still very much infatuated with the false promise of normalcy returning and making grand plans in our own strength and placing hope in idols and misplaced priorities?  Why is what we see being allowed to happen and what is the Lord trying to do through these trials and tribulations facing America and many other nations?  Which way are we going?  Are we surrendering to God or holding on to the world and all it offers?  This podcast really isn’t a teaching but more a reality check as to where things are at in the times we live.





  1. If any man will come after me. Let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me. I must surrender myself every moment. Jesus said. If you you love me keep my commandments and follow me. My sheep hear my voice, and i know their name

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