New Podcast: Answering The Call To Ministry

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I was a guest on JPH Radio with Glynda Lomax.  Glynda and myself go over many of the variables that come into the picture when the Lord has called you to be a minister of His Word.  Both Glynda and I pray this episode will be a… Continue reading New Podcast: Answering The Call To Ministry


Greetings Brothers & Sisters,   As many of you have probably realized, things have been quiet around here for a while.  I have been dealing with a number of challenges and having to wade through muck for the last couple of weeks.  It has felt like one thing after another and has been an emotional… Continue reading Update

More Trials Are Coming

I am in the process of working on blog concerning how we are to weather tests and trials according to the Word.  Much of this has also been my own experiences in which the Lord has taught me many invaluable lessons through trial and error (temptations that arise) that I would like to share what… Continue reading More Trials Are Coming