New Podcast: Rise Up & Fight The Devil’s Attacks

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, myself and Glynda Lomax of Just Praise Him will be discussing distractions, prayerlessness, decreeing the Word of God and how to fight the enemy with the Sword of God’s Word.   After two days of fighting everything but the kitchen sink to get this recorded, we finally… Continue reading New Podcast: Rise Up & Fight The Devil’s Attacks

‘An Unconventional Refining’

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters, today I am going to be sharing a message the Lord gave to me in regards to a coming ‘unconventional refinement’ which will be taking place eventually for many who have refused His calling to repentance.     I am also going to write about what a refinement looks like,… Continue reading ‘An Unconventional Refining’

‘Pull Close To Me’

There are many trials upon My children.  If you will pull close to Me I shall pull you through.  When you feel these trials upon you be blessed for I am strengthening your faith in Me for the times upon you.  Pull close to Me in these times as the enemy will try to use… Continue reading ‘Pull Close To Me’

Don’t Worry -Only Believe & Have Patience

With everything we are seeing at this time I have felt led to write on the topic of worry.  This post is related to two earlier posts concerning Enduring Trials and Victory.  If you are a new reader and have not done so, I would encourage you to take the time to read those. While… Continue reading Don’t Worry -Only Believe & Have Patience