New Podcast: Poor Choices

Just my thoughts on this Saturday morning about many still clinging to idols or choosing sin over Jesus.  Who do you serve exactly?             Prayer: Holy Spirit -The Down Payment         It’s just a movie right?         Relevant verses:     Luke 9:23-24 (KJV)… Continue reading New Podcast: Poor Choices

‘An Unconventional Refining’

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters, today I am going to be sharing a message the Lord gave to me in regards to a coming ‘unconventional refinement’ which will be taking place eventually for many who have refused His calling to repentance.     I am also going to write about what a refinement looks like,… Continue reading ‘An Unconventional Refining’

‘Let It Go’

Recently I was thinking on times in the past -not just in the way I have desired to have done things better, but regret about how I have handled situations, sins I committed but also reflecting much on how things used to be and how it seems many have lost their minds as all around… Continue reading ‘Let It Go’

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