The Enemy Is Sending Many Many Attacks…

Greetings everyone and hope all of you are well.  I have been hearing when talking to other believers and noticing personally, that the attacks are on the increase lately and have been some time now.  I have personally experienced some of them and so I am reposting podcasts that have been done in the past (many, if not all of these, were with Glynda Lomax of Just Praise Him Radio) on this subject and I pray they are a Blessing to you as I am working on fresh content and mentoring others behind the scenes at this time.  Please also make sure to check out the Resources page as I have several decrees and cancellation prayers posted there in PDF that you can use against attacks.  Remember also that effective prayer is praying the Word which does help to mitigate the attacks as you will hear Glynda and myself discussing in the episodes posted below.  It is my hope this post and the content here is a Blessing to you.  



In His presence,









Note: If anyone would like to reach out to Glynda separately via regular mail, please note that her mailing address has since changed and has been updated on her blog.  It is no longer the address given at the end of the podcasts below.  Thank you





Original post: Attacks of Shame & Condemnation (originally posted on 7/23/2021)







Original post: Rise Up & Fight The Devil’s Attacks w/ Special Guest Glynda Lomax (originally posted on 8/8/2021)







Original post: Shields Up! Cancellations & Decrees w/ Special Guest Glynda Lomax (originally posted on 11/15/2021)







Original post:  Attacks Have Ramped Up w/ Special Guest Glynda Lomax (originally posted 2/11/2022)







Original post:  Judgment of Nations – Pt. 2 – Defeating the Enemy’s Lies (Initially posted on 9/4/2022 -though this podcast was not limited to just attacks Glynda and I did cover that this would be one of the tactics Satan would use the further we venture into the last days so I found it applicable to post here.  Remember about 75% of the attacks begin in the mind when you allow the enemy to convince you.  Sometimes the enemy will even try to convince you that God is punishing you -something you really have to watch.  This post also includes links to Words the Lord gave to Glynda that these would occur.)






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