The Antichrist Was Just Referred To At The COP26

While I am in the process of working on a new podcast,  I came across this video and thought I would share.   This appears to be in reference to the (not yet revealed) antichrist who is calling the shots from behind closed doors.  My Dear Brothers and Sisters, you need to be calling on the… Continue reading The Antichrist Was Just Referred To At The COP26

Food for Thought..

Are Covid Vaccines Part of the Mark of the Beast System?       This Article is by Ethan Huff of  Natural News          Remember when the government promised that it would take just two weeks of tyranny to “flatten the curve,” only to instead have it persist in perpetuity for the… Continue reading Food for Thought..

New Podcast Posted: Time Is Running Out

In this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I will be talking about a recent change I have felt, and revelations both in the spirit and the signs in the earth and the news.  Time is running out folks.  It is no longer safe to be on the fence.  A New World Order has been… Continue reading New Podcast Posted: Time Is Running Out

What’s Really Going On?

While I am doing some study for my next blog I wanted to share this video with you all that I just watched.  Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  What’s really going on?  What is the real agenda?  This is a POWERFUL discussion you will not find on YouTube!  Don’t miss it.  As always,… Continue reading What’s Really Going On?

New Podcast: ‘Do You See?’

In this episode I will be talking about the many dangers in regards to a deception that is presenting before our very eyes, one in particular that is leading to persecution which we see ramping up.  I will also be sharing a message from the Lord as it pertains to the division among His people. … Continue reading New Podcast: ‘Do You See?’

‘You Should Only Fear Me’

I have been spending time recently in Nehemiah and just as of yesterday, the book of Esther.  I have been praying on what the Lord is showing me in these but last night He gave to me Psalms 73, 75, 86 and 92 specifically.  He is desiring more time from His people.     When I… Continue reading ‘You Should Only Fear Me’

Are You Aware of the Beast System Dress-Rehearsals?

While I am at work behind the scenes creating my next blog, I have posted some videos to catch those up to speed who need to know.  I implore everyone to watch these videos as they pertain to the times we live in. Much wisdom is had in the Word but you have to recognize… Continue reading Are You Aware of the Beast System Dress-Rehearsals?