New Podcast: What Is A Refining & Why? Part 1

Many are finding themselves in a refinement right now, in fact everyone who belongs to the Lord is being refined.  Some of you have entered a wilderness.  On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be laying out why the Lord refines us and talking about some of the sin the Lord wants… Continue reading New Podcast: What Is A Refining & Why? Part 1

Food for Thought..

Are Covid Vaccines Part of the Mark of the Beast System?       This Article is by Ethan Huff of  Natural News          Remember when the government promised that it would take just two weeks of tyranny to “flatten the curve,” only to instead have it persist in perpetuity for the… Continue reading Food for Thought..

Don’t Worry -Only Believe & Have Patience

With everything we are seeing at this time I have felt led to write on the topic of worry.  This post is related to two earlier posts concerning Enduring Trials and Victory.  If you are a new reader and have not done so, I would encourage you to take the time to read those. While… Continue reading Don’t Worry -Only Believe & Have Patience

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