New Podcast: Rise Up & Fight The Devil’s Attacks

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, myself and Glynda Lomax of Just Praise Him will be discussing distractions, prayerlessness, decreeing the Word of God and how to fight the enemy with the Sword of God’s Word.   After two days of fighting everything but the kitchen sink to get this recorded, we finally… Continue reading New Podcast: Rise Up & Fight The Devil’s Attacks

Bread & Firm Foundations

I’ve been studying the Book of Mark for a number of weeks now and have been getting verses together to write on spiritual bread.  This study has been very in depth so I would like to apologize to my readers for taking so long to get this blog entry posted.  Throughout this entry I am… Continue reading Bread & Firm Foundations

‘You Should Only Fear Me’

I have been spending time recently in Nehemiah and just as of yesterday, the book of Esther.  I have been praying on what the Lord is showing me in these but last night He gave to me Psalms 73, 75, 86 and 92 specifically.  He is desiring more time from His people.     When I… Continue reading ‘You Should Only Fear Me’

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