What’s Really Going On?

While I am doing some study for my next blog I wanted to share this video with you all that I just watched.  Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  What’s really going on?  What is the real agenda?  This is a POWERFUL discussion you will not find on YouTube!  Don’t miss it.  As always,… Continue reading What’s Really Going On?

A Great Deception Presents

The enemy is getting ready to stage a deception on My people.  Unseen powers who long for control will use this deception to cause great confusion so that if it were possible to deceive even the very elect.  Many will state this illusion is of Me.  Believe it not for those who do will be… Continue reading A Great Deception Presents

Persecution & Non-Essentials in the Coming Beast System

Each morning I spend time on my patio sipping my coffee and spending time in the Word, reflecting on the world around us and where the Lord can use me to bring others to understanding in where things are in the timeline of the Holy Word.  As a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus, I… Continue reading Persecution & Non-Essentials in the Coming Beast System

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