New Podcast: What The Lord Has Shown Us About The Endtimes: Part Three (JPH Radio)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I was and will be a guest on JPH Radio with Glynda Lomax on a three-part podcast series, titled, ‘What the Lord has Showed Us About the End Times.’  It’s clear to anyone looking that our world is turned upside down and quickly deteriorating.  Are we on the verge of War?  What will the new normal look like?  What choice will you make when the mark of the beast is rolled out?  Is there any way to be sure of anything any more?  What will happen to the unbelieving?   What will those who allow fear to reign be able to do once the warning shot is fired?  What will the tribulation look like? 


 This is the third part in this series.  





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Messages Glynda read in this episode:


Close Your Ears


To Her Knees


The Time of Esau


Begin To Live As If 


The Tribulation


Are You Ready?


All Is Prepared


A Terrible End  (This message was not in this podcast but is relevant)





Articles/Messages/Videos Ray referenced:


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Israel New A.I. Bank


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On Tonga: Decide for Yourself…


Podcast: Steve Quayle on The Hagmann Report: World War III Is Upon Us  (1-19-2022)


Video 1(Starting at 3:55, you only need to watch for 5-10 minutes -strong language may be unsuitable for some toward end -if watching all)


Video 2


Further Listening: Dave Hodges – On The Doorstep of War With Russia (Podcast)


  1. Ray, what you’ve done here in this three-part series with Glynda is an absolute treasure. I’ve gone to her YouTube posting in particular and have expressed praise to her there. Boldness is key now. And giving thanks in return is essential, for much time and many resources go into producing and then presenting this kind of stellar work in such a quality way. For those considering tithes or gifts to ministry, I would highly recommend to them that if they found this one, they’re in the right place to do some sowing into the Lord’s kingdom. Many, many thanks Brother.

    1. Thank you, Brother. As always I am delighted to have you as a part of the Innocence Redeemed family and as a great friend! God bless you brother Tom and thank you for your generous comment! 🙂

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