New Podcast: Tech-Enslavement

Do you enjoy using smart technology?  You won’t anymore after hearing this podcast, when you hear what it’s for.  Nobody enjoys being taken for a fool.  In this podcast I will cover some rather old, but yet recent revelations as they pertain to the  enslavement of the global populace and the rise of the Mark… Continue reading New Podcast: Tech-Enslavement

Be Aware of the ‘Ring’

For years I have been very suspicious of any programs to collect DNA, Bio-Metrics, etc.  At my old claims job, they would push, yearly, the option to lower your health insurance premium for getting a biometric analysis.  I was skeptical of this because, number one, if they want to use this data to lower your… Continue reading Be Aware of the ‘Ring’

Persecution & Non-Essentials in the Coming Beast System

Each morning I spend time on my patio sipping my coffee and spending time in the Word, reflecting on the world around us and where the Lord can use me to bring others to understanding in where things are in the timeline of the Holy Word.  As a faithful servant of our Lord Jesus, I… Continue reading Persecution & Non-Essentials in the Coming Beast System

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