What’s Really Going On?

While I am doing some study for my next blog I wanted to share this video with you all that I just watched.  Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  What’s really going on?  What is the real agenda?  This is a POWERFUL discussion you will not find on YouTube!  Don’t miss it.  As always,… Continue reading What’s Really Going On?

New Podcast: Persecution-Induced Loneliness (JPH Radio)

In this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I am a guest on Just Praise Him Radio with Glynda Lomax (reposted with permission) and our mutual friend, Tom.  We discuss the topic of being ostracized for our Christian beliefs and enduring by faith in Jesus Christ through persecutions, tying in personal experiences to relate to… Continue reading New Podcast: Persecution-Induced Loneliness (JPH Radio)

New Podcast: ‘Do You See?’

In this episode I will be talking about the many dangers in regards to a deception that is presenting before our very eyes, one in particular that is leading to persecution which we see ramping up.  I will also be sharing a message from the Lord as it pertains to the division among His people. … Continue reading New Podcast: ‘Do You See?’

Be Aware of the ‘Ring’

For years I have been very suspicious of any programs to collect DNA, Bio-Metrics, etc.  At my old claims job, they would push, yearly, the option to lower your health insurance premium for getting a biometric analysis.  I was skeptical of this because, number one, if they want to use this data to lower your… Continue reading Be Aware of the ‘Ring’

A Great Deception?

Some of you may remember that in a recent podcast I did on JPH, where I mentioned that I had not experienced any dreams for a while. Last year, I was having one per month and then it was every few months.  At the most,  I had some that were a few weeks apart in… Continue reading A Great Deception?

Klaus Schwab Declares Unvaccinated People To Be A Threat To Humanity

I always believe in shining light on evil and when I saw this rather than emailing it out to everyone I decided I had to share it with you all.  Of course, their plans have been available for years with regard to what the globalists are planning to do, as they have published their own… Continue reading Klaus Schwab Declares Unvaccinated People To Be A Threat To Humanity

Are You Aware of the Beast System Dress-Rehearsals?

While I am at work behind the scenes creating my next blog, I have posted some videos to catch those up to speed who need to know.  I implore everyone to watch these videos as they pertain to the times we live in. Much wisdom is had in the Word but you have to recognize… Continue reading Are You Aware of the Beast System Dress-Rehearsals?

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