A Great Deception?

Some of you may remember that in a recent podcast I did on JPH, where I mentioned that I had not experienced any dreams for a while. Last year, I was having one per month and then it was every few months.  At the most,  I had some that were a few weeks apart in the summer of 2020.  I had dreams starting as early 2013, one that was very memorable being a dream concerning a foreign invasion but at that time, I wasn’t able to make any sense of it.  I take all dreams to prayer, first and foremost to confirm that they are from the Lord, but also to seek meaning.  Sometimes it is revealed to me what they are about and other times it is left for me to interpret as they may have multiple meanings.


This morning (and I say this morning because I have no doubt it was while I was in a deep sleep in the middle of the night) I had one where it appeared everything was turned upside down.  What I mean is, there was what we see here on earth, but in the sky was a city where there were buildings and they were all upside down.  It was very unsettling and, in this dream, I specifically recall seeing the capitol along with other land marks and other buildings surrounding it -almost like it was a fake manufactured city that was parallel to what we know is real.  It appeared to be above New York because I could see many buildings on the ground that look familiar and there was a harbor nearby.  I also believe this is where I saw it in the dream because that is a major financial center and I saw bankers and financial leaders (see further on).  What I saw in the sky in this dream almost looked fake and plastic -like there was something that was unreal about it.  I was unsettled.


I recall taking pictures with my phone but when I tried to send them out to those I knew, they either said they didn’t receive them or when I pulled the pictures up on my phone it was as if they were static and not really there, or it was forbidden to share it for whatever reason.  I recall seeing people in this dream (past co-workers and acquaintances) whom I was trying to say, “Look there!  Hey do you see that?!  What is that?!” and for whatever reason they were oblivious to it even though this was a huge city in the sky upside down.  They were too busy to notice or didn’t have an interest to notice.  They seemed indifferent.  I remember walking around trying to tell anyone I could and I came up upon a group of business men (for some reason I get the impression they were tied to the financial institutions).  They appeared to be swarming around this statue, almost worshipping it and bowing down to it.  This statue represented something, though not clear what it was and it’s hand was raised with a finger pointing in a northeast direction -I’m not sure what that means or if it was meant to be pointing at the deception itself.  When I looked to the direction it was pointing, this ‘city’ that was in the sky appeared to still be there, but was moving further away and yet people were still not paying attention or noticing it.  Did this signify that this deception was moving in order to fool the whole world?  It could mean exactly that.


That was the end of the dream or at least as much of it as I can remember.


In conclusion, I can’t understand what all of it means.  I have had dreams before where people don’t listen when I have tried to warn them or when something is imminent and they continue going about their business.  I believe this was part of it, but what the meaning of this dream could also mean is that considering bankers or businessmen were surrounding and swarming it (circling around it) that this statue signified beast worship (the deception or the new system) and the fact  that it was pointing up at this fake plastic city could be indicative of the great reset we keep hearing about.  What is needed to bring on such a deception where people either don’t notice it or throw their cares to the world in the name of ‘normal’ to go along with it?  Does it indicate everything has been or shortly will be turned upside down?  Does it possibly indicate a parallel agenda in which the deceived (those not paying attention as to the times we live) could find themselves going right along with it because they were too busy to pay attention to the elephant in the room?  That’s what I’m believing I am being shown.  There must be a reason I felt very uneasy in this dream as to what I saw.  It certainly signifies something with evil intent.  


I welcome any and all comments as it pertains to interpretation.  I will also be putting this into my dreams section.


  1. The intent and the agenda is evil. That’s why you felt so unsettled. We’re only seeing glimpses now of things that have been in place for a long time. We’ve been lied to, stolen from, misinformed, manipulated and even brainwashed. It all has a foreign feeling to it because it’s from hell, of demonic non-human origin.

    1. Amen so true. It felt nefarious, that’s for sure. My concern is more toward the lost as it has been for a while now. I am deeply concerned when I can see the deceptions being presented and how many will clamor for ‘normalcy’ in any sense of the word. All we can do is continue to encourage each other to keep doing what is good and be that shining light and, continue to shine a light on this agenda.

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