Be Aware of the ‘Ring’

For years I have been very suspicious of any programs to collect DNA, Bio-Metrics, etc.  At my old claims job, they would push, yearly, the option to lower your health insurance premium for getting a biometric analysis.  I was skeptical of this because, number one, if they want to use this data to lower your premiums, what makes anyone think that it can’t be used to raise them if they don’t consider you ‘healthy?’  I never participated in it, but several co-workers of mine at the time did and they were going as far to say I should have a biometrics analysis done to to save money.  I had reservations and told them I didn’t believe in allowing someone to analyze me and know everything about me.  That is ultimately what these programs were about and they are all part of the beast system and if you aren’t aware, now you will be.


Another way they have been collecting folks DNA has been by these ads you see on TV such as and many others.  They send you a kit to submit your DNA so you can see where your family roots are.  While many believe that these are harmless and it’s neat to see who is in their family bloodline, it should be known that there is a price to pay to have this ‘analysis’ done and can you really trust who is getting ahold of this data or who the highest bidder may be?  The price is not money, it is your privacy and eventually about enslavement to the beast system.  I have always spoke against all of these services and I am not afraid to tell those close to me what my thoughts are on them either.


Notice also, that at the beginning of the pandemic they were putting so much emphasis on getting tested.  They (the evil ones scaring folks half to death) knew they could get compliance by convincing them to get a test at the sign of a cough, sniffle or sneeze.  While I’m not saying either way what the true purpose was behind this, I felt that it also had a nefarious agenda behind it.  If Covid-19 is so contagious why is there a need to stick a literal wand up people’s noses into the blood-brain barrier?  Wouldn’t the virus simply be in your saliva or for that matter in someone’s urine?  Nonetheless, I found this method strange and even stranger is that nobody has seemed to figure it out.  


This type of technology has been around for years and it is all being cataloged and being put into a system.  Not just your online posts and activity, but your biometrics if you take part in any of these ‘services.’  Some of the car insurance companies have also been using this ‘reward’ by surveillance technology.  I used to have Progressive for my car insurance and one time my rate kept going up even though I had never been in an accident and not had a speeding ticket since 1998. 


I called and asked why this was and of course I got some song and dance (excuses) for the rate increase.  I told them I worked from home and hardly even drove my car far distances -that it sat in the garage most of the time.  Their solution?  They proposed a device/program called ‘Snapshot.’  This was an electronic device that plugs into your car’s computer and monitors your driving habits, distance travelled, etc., and they suggested it might be good to use it so as to bring down my rate.  Needless to say I rejected it.  I tell you all about this is to give further example as to how this has all come together and the subtle ways they have been conditioning us to what they present as the ‘good’ reasons of monitoring for years. 


There is nothing good about it!


So I was having my coffee this morning and scrolling through my subscription feed on YouTube and came across this video by Justus Knight of Restricted Republic and in what I mentioned above it is becoming more and more clear what the intention of all this data and DNA harvesting are about.  You need to be well aware of this smart technology and that is why I am sharing this with you.  These technologies will always be marketed to look good but the agenda is about control at the end of the day. 


I don’t know if any of you have ever seen the 2002 film, Minority Report (trailer), but it takes place in the year 2054 and it is based on a system of pre-crime where people are considered guilty before they do anything.  You can look up various clips from it on YouTube.  How coincidental we were being given a preview in many blockbuster films, not just in this one, but many others where we see ourselves today with this totalitarian system being put into motion.


There are many deceptions at play right now and as always I will continue to expose these as they come up as well as sharing any revelations I get from the Lord.  This will be part of the next propaganda push and sadly many will go along with it being none the wiser or simply dismissing it as a conspiracy.  The time for giving anything the benefit of the doubt and not discerning the true agenda is over.  This is coming down to the wire now.



Knowing and being aware is half the battle. Be safe out there everyone.  Jesus Bless You.

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