Flashback Podcast: Put On Your Wedding Garments w/ Glynda Lomax (4-19-2021)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I am presenting a “flashback episode” that was done on Just Praise Him Radio back in April of 2021 titled “Put On Your Wedding Garments.”  Although this episode was already available on the Just Praise Him Radio Podcast, I felt it timely to upload due to making mention of it in the podcast series, “What The Lord Has Shown Us About The Endtimes.”

Original description from JPH Radio; Recently my friend Ray Bergman received what I feel is a very important word from the Lord about putting on our wedding garments. He generously shares it with all of us in this episode.  Don’t miss this!




Blog Message:  ‘I Desire The Proper Attire At My Wedding Feast’


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