New Podcast: What Is A Refining & Why? Part 1

Many are finding themselves in a refinement right now, in fact everyone who belongs to the Lord is being refined.  Some of you have entered a wilderness.  On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be laying out why the Lord refines us and talking about some of the sin the Lord wants to purge from us to make us acceptable to Him.  What exactly is a refinement and why does the Lord refine His people and put them through hardships or let them feel stress and sorrow?  What is really the true reason for it? 


What if I told you the reason is because He loves His children and wants to get them ready for His kingdom and/or use you to serve Him in some way?  What if I told you, it was to strengthen your faith for the season upon us?  Whatever the case may be, I explain that it is in our best interest to submit to the refining as we are more precious to God than we can even begin to understand.  Finer than the most precious metals and how He will purify us as such, in matters of the heart to be found acceptable when He is revealed to the world for all to see.


This is the first episode of a two-part series.  In this episode, I will be specifically talking about how the Lord will refine impurities such as Anger, Bitterness, Jealousy and Pride and describing how these are all part of the same prideful spirit the Lord detests, which ways He will show us we are wrong even if we think we aren’t.  I talk about our approach as Christians and how we can recognize a refinement, submit to it and work with the Lord while going through the process.





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