The Spirit of Lawlessness Is Upon Many

This is just a short mention of some of the lawlessness we are seeing.  Many are seeing the disturbing images coming out of Texas concerning the migrant crisis as it pertains to the children involved.  What people need to understand is that there is much more to this that is not being recognized.  We have… Continue reading The Spirit of Lawlessness Is Upon Many

The World Has Blinded Many

One of the toughest things for me in the wilderness season I was going through for the last few years was realizing that much of what I had come to think was good in the World was not good at all.  Many of these were things that I initially considered harmless, but were anything but… Continue reading The World Has Blinded Many

The Difference Between Legalism & Living By The Spirit of Christ

When I write many of my blogs, I mention sin and the need for repentance.  As of lately, in fact -starting soon after my post in regards to the “Enduring Through Trials” and “Taking Heed Not to Judge Others In Times of Testing”, the Lord has been impressing upon me to teach the difference between… Continue reading The Difference Between Legalism & Living By The Spirit of Christ

Enduring Through Trials

In the times we are living many are experiencing difficulties in their lives and wondering what is taking place.  Many have noticed that something is wrong, but they aren’t sure what or why and what they can do about it.  Chances are, if you are reading this, you are looking for answers to the dilemmas… Continue reading Enduring Through Trials

More Trials Are Coming

I am in the process of working on blog concerning how we are to weather tests and trials according to the Word.  Much of this has also been my own experiences in which the Lord has taught me many invaluable lessons through trial and error (temptations that arise) that I would like to share what… Continue reading More Trials Are Coming

It Will Get Worse. Repent Now.

In my spirit lately, the Lord has been calling on me to write a blog entry on repentance and today that is what I would like to cover here.  While I try not to be too preachy, I don’t really know of any other way I can convey that which is happening other than by… Continue reading It Will Get Worse. Repent Now.

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