Two Must Hear Podcasts

If everyone has been wondering why I have been hammering all of this heavy it is because I have felt something is very wrong.  I have been feeling this and seeing more confirmations, especially in the last few weeks.  Perilous times and tribulation.  Famine and War and the rise of the antichrist.  Pestilences and hate. … Continue reading Two Must Hear Podcasts

Urgent Update: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Steve Quayle Discuss The Vax-assassinators

I normally do not post other podcasts on this site -at least not very often, but this is such a critical show, I felt the Lord telling me I needed to share this material.  No way I could sit on this.   On this episode of The Hagmann Report which was released this afternoon, 7/1,… Continue reading Urgent Update: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny & Steve Quayle Discuss The Vax-assassinators

New Podcast: Do You See Part 2

Rumors of Energy and Food Shortages, Inflation, Persecution and a new deception arising as a result.  Where is it all going?  In this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I will be talking about hard times approaching and shedding some light on the signs as they are presenting themselves and what we need to be… Continue reading New Podcast: Do You See Part 2

Unfocused Fatigue

Many, including myself have been in a state of sadness recently as we are witnessing many suffer whether it has been a form of financially, medically, or enduring a form of shunning.  The most important factor to remember is our focus on Jesus in this storm we are beginning to enter.  If we are lacking… Continue reading Unfocused Fatigue

‘The White Horse Rides’

My brother in Florida is a chef and works at a high-end restaurant on the beach.  On the evening of 5/12, he was driving home from work across the causeway that connects the beach to the main land at dusk and snapped the following photos (and these went from his phone to mine and have… Continue reading ‘The White Horse Rides’

The Lord Desires to Restore You

Many times in my writings I talk about everything that is wrong right now and I do this in the sense that someone who is back-spun will see the times for what they are, wake from their slumber, and find or return to the Lord, seeking His repentance.  I have written about where our sins… Continue reading The Lord Desires to Restore You

“I Desire The Proper Attire At My Wedding Feast”

Over the weekend, the Lord directed me that He desires I speak of His love for us and all that He has done.  With the time being short, due to the lateness of the hour I can understand why this is so important especially as we come up on the resurrection of Jesus.  While I… Continue reading “I Desire The Proper Attire At My Wedding Feast”

Why Do You Not Listen?

I was spending time in Revelations and Ezekiel 33 & 34 between last night and very early this morning and the Lord began to speak to me impressing on my heart to warn of more to come.  The Word applies to ALL OF US and He has told me repetitively that He will contend with… Continue reading Why Do You Not Listen?

More Trials Are Coming

I am in the process of working on blog concerning how we are to weather tests and trials according to the Word.  Much of this has also been my own experiences in which the Lord has taught me many invaluable lessons through trial and error (temptations that arise) that I would like to share what… Continue reading More Trials Are Coming

Help Those Less Fortunate In Times of Need – February 16, 2021

I have been spending the last few days scanning through several newscasts in various Texas cities.  Everywhere from Austin to Dallas, from San Antonio to Waco and before this evening is out, I may even check out a streaming newscast from Oklahoma City.  These people are not only freezing in the dark, they are without… Continue reading Help Those Less Fortunate In Times of Need – February 16, 2021

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