New Podcast: What The Lord Has Shown Us About The Endtimes – Part One (JPH Radio)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I was and will be a guest on JPH Radio with Glynda Lomax on a three-part podcast series, titled, ‘What the Lord has Showed Us About the End Times.’  Everyone can see our world is turned upside down. Everyone can see nothing is normal, though we all long for normal to return. Everyone can see something is terribly, terribly wrong.


What is coming for the people of God in these end times? Will we be caught up in the judgments or will we be spared somehow? Is there any way to be sure of anything any more?  What will happen to the unbelieving?  On this episode of Just Praise Him Radio, Ray Bergman of Innocence Redeemed joins Glynda for a discussion of what they have each been shown and told about what is fast approaching and what God’s instructions are to His people.  Also in this episode, Glynda reveals something the Lord never did before this episode, that happened just before recording.  This is part one and a second and third episode will follow shortly.





Links to messages in this podcast:



1968 Prophecy By A 90-Year Old Woman In Norway






Dreams I read may be found under my dreams tab at the top right corner of the page or the menu option on mobile devices. 



Messages I shared on this episode:



You Should Only Fear Me  (In the podcast I stated this message was given to me in May of 2021; It was actually in April of 2021)




Messages Glynda shared on this episode:



This Is Not A Drill


Have You Listened?


Beginning of the End


A Great Price


The Wind of Change


A Time of Great Mourning





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