New Podcast: ‘The Wisdom In Letting Go’

In this episode of the Innocence Redeemed Podcast, I will be talking about the wisdom to be had when letting go of the past as well as the worldly, the dangers of not doing so and the importance of this wisdom as it leads to having discernment to make righteous choices in the end times… Continue reading New Podcast: ‘The Wisdom In Letting Go’

All You Need

I have spent a lot of time this week pondering why things have gone quiet.  I have felt many are having so many issues hit them at once and as a result it has allowed the spirit of fatigue to enter in and distract them (in terms of focus).  I have made mention of this… Continue reading All You Need

Why Do They Get Away With It?

This is just a short blog entry on coming to the understanding of the Lord’s mercy on those whom are lost.  Yesterday I had a conversation with a dear Brother in Christ about all the negative ordeals He is facing with loved ones and being isolated.  Though I always seek to give encouraging words to… Continue reading Why Do They Get Away With It?

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