New Podcast: ‘The Wisdom In Letting Go’

In this episode of the Innocence Redeemed Podcast, I will be talking about the wisdom to be had when letting go of the past as well as the worldly, the dangers of not doing so and the importance of this wisdom as it leads to having discernment to make righteous choices in the end times where salvation is concerned.





  1. Thank you, Brother, for a most excellent podcast. You know, there’s a big difference between being in the world and being of the world. And as for the past, to include a past way of life, we have to let it go. It isn’t healthy to want back what wasn’t right in the first place. As for discernment and wisdom, indeed, both are severely lacking at this time in the world. How to balance compassion with separation from evil is a huge challenge. You’re embracing it well.

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