Decrees & Prayers Are Now Posted On The Resources Page!

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As many of you may or may not be aware, anytime a podcast is released and a decree or prayer is referenced in an episode, these are always posted on the blog entry associated with that episode.  However, due to the last season we now find ourselves, and after many emails sent to myself as well as Glynda in addition to seeing the comments on YouTube where many are asking about the decrees and prayers, I am pleased to announce that all decrees and prayers referenced in the various podcasts released by myself and/or Glynda have now been added to the resources tab of Innocence Redeemed.  Any that are not yet there are in the process of being added.  Glynda is also looking into getting them added to JPH so please be patient but keep checking back.  In the meantime, here is a peak of what has been added so far.  If there are any you would like to see added (suggestions) or one that we may have missed, please don’t hesitate to ask and we will make sure to get it added!  


Thank you for your patience!





Sample of what you can find on the resources page as of right now (subject to be updated at any time):



No Lack Decree/Prayer by Dayla


Psalm 91 Decree by Ray


No Illness Allowed Prayer by Glynda Lomax


40 Declarations for Healing from the Bible


Decrees for Strength


Strength Prayer-Declaration


Praise Prayer: Jesus Our Rock


Shadow of the Almighty Prayer (I Shall Not Want)


Warfare Prayer to Cancel Attacks of Frustration & Discouragement by Glynda Lomax 


Warfare Prayer Against Fear & Anxiety by Glynda Lomax


Casting Down Prayer Against Temptations


Prayer for Help in Forgiving Someone


Prayer for Overcoming Sin


Prayer for Return of Everything The Enemy Stole From You


Prayer for Someone Else Who Is Suffering Depression


Prayer to Bind Up Jealousy & Envy In Others Against You


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