Note:  I was in prayer a few weeks ago when I received this message from the Holy Spirit.  I did not post it right away because I was seeking confirmations.  I was not studying any scripture on divisions at the time, but I was thinking on it a lot because I have been noticing it… Continue reading Separations

New Podcast: Apocalypse – The White Horse Rides

This episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast is a repost of Just Praise Him Radio, titled, ‘Apocalypse: The White Horse Rides’ where I was a guest to discuss end-time events and prophecy.   People everywhere are facing difficult choices. Many are being told if they refuse to have a DNA altering medical procedure, they will… Continue reading New Podcast: Apocalypse – The White Horse Rides

‘The White Horse Rides’

My brother in Florida is a chef and works at a high-end restaurant on the beach.  On the evening of 5/12, he was driving home from work across the causeway that connects the beach to the main land at dusk and snapped the following photos (and these went from his phone to mine and have… Continue reading ‘The White Horse Rides’

All You Need

I have spent a lot of time this week pondering why things have gone quiet.  I have felt many are having so many issues hit them at once and as a result it has allowed the spirit of fatigue to enter in and distract them (in terms of focus).  I have made mention of this… Continue reading All You Need

Don’t Worry -Only Believe & Have Patience

With everything we are seeing at this time I have felt led to write on the topic of worry.  This post is related to two earlier posts concerning Enduring Trials and Victory.  If you are a new reader and have not done so, I would encourage you to take the time to read those. While… Continue reading Don’t Worry -Only Believe & Have Patience

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