New Podcast: Multiple Sins & Testing

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about the subtle sins that sneak up on us at times without our realization and how God can at times allow certain situations so as to test what we’re going to do or test our resolve.  The reason He does this is to show us all where we need improvement by bringing these sins to light.  I will be talking about the sin and laying out what is being shown to us and what we should do or how to better avoid slipping up but also bringing attention to the fact that is all part of the refining to prepare us and make us better stewards of the Christian faith.  It is my hope that this episode is a Blessing to you and that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate).






Podcast: Are You Really Walking in His Ways?



Podcast: What Is A Refining & Why?


Please note that  ‘What is a Refining and Why’ was initially supposed to be a two part series but other projects took precedence at the time so there was only one part.


  1. Great podcast, and just what we all need to hear and pay attention to at this time; as well as HEED – Thank you Ray, and Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

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