Podcast Repost: Answering The Call To Ministry (w/ Special Guest Glynda Lomax)

On this reposted episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I was a guest on JPH Radio with Glynda Lomax.  Glynda and myself go over many of the variables that come into the picture when the Lord has called you to be a minister of His Word.  In this podcast we will cover;


-What basic qualifications are needed to teach the Word of God

-What to expect when you answer your calling to teach the Word of God

-Various aspects including (counting the cost):


-Income & Tithes (the money part)

-Unbelieving Spouses & Family/Friends

-Education/Bible Knowledge

-Some of the frustrations of ministering the Word 

-Some pitfalls to watch out for

-Leaving loved ones behind to answer the call



Both Glynda and I pray this episode will be a blessing to anyone out there considering or being called to ministry work and wondering what to expect.  








As a follow up you may also be interested in a podcast I did separately after the one above titled, “Understanding Spiritual Gifts”



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