New Podcast: In The Day of Visitation (w/ Special Guest Manyrounds)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be welcoming back to the program my good friend and Brother in Christ, Manyrounds, to do a review on recent developments concerning the war front, but also the reality that the time for warnings are pretty much coming to a close.  We have both come to the conclusion that the time for warnings are drawing to a close.  This episode will serve as an appeal to the body not to be deceived by misunderstanding of doctrines that have been mainstream for some time now as well as current events that may play a part in misleading many as the war drums continue to beat louder.  The judgments begin soon.  This is also a warning to the unsaved on what will be at the door in the near future and an appeal to draw near to the Lord.  Both Manyrounds and I pray that this episode is a Blessing to you.  Please note this episode will not be published due to censorship tactics by YouTube previously on specific subject matters.








Links As They Pertain (subject to be updated):



World Economic Forum Orders Governments To BAN The Bible and Issue ‘Fact-Checked’ Version Without God



The WHO/UN Response Report (Maria Zeee)



Celeste Solum & Steve Quayle guest on the Hagmann Report: Luciferian Attack On God’s People- Synthetic Biology



Innocence Redeemed Prophetic Podcast: An Un(planned) Draft




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