New Podcast: Sound The Alarm w/ Special Guest Manyrounds

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be inviting back my friend and Brother In Christ, Manyrounds.  We will be discussing recent developments including a new video series he has released including but not limited to;


-The Coming Invasion & War

-The Rapture Doctrine vs. Enduring What Comes

-God’s Judgments and How We Got Here

-Consolidations, Restrictions, Isolations, Crackdowns & how these will lead to the ultimate control

-The Loneliness Epidemic with Men and what the Lord may be showing you in the time left and;

-What the Lord wants you do be doing

-Preparedness Tips



As time is short, it is our prayer that this episode is a Blessing to you. 





The Video Series Mentioned by Manyrounds Can Be Found Here



There is another podcast in the works concerning prophecy of the coming graphic persecution which will also be posted soon.



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