New Podcast by Just Praise Him Today: Battle Strategies To Use Against Jezebel

As Glynda and myself have recently undergone attacks by the vile Jezebel spirit, I am pleased to repost this podcast here along with the document for listeners that you can use to identify and counter Jezebel spirit if and when she shows up in your life.






The prayer Glynda spoke at the end of this episode may be downloaded here.  Simply click the document to open it and save to your computer or mobile device or print it.  This document will also be available on the resources page under the decrees and prayers section.


Though not mentioned in this podcast, I felt the following warfare prayer against bad treatment or loss by wicked & prideful is also appropriate here.  This prayer has been up for a number of months now but many may have missed it so be sure to grab this one as well.



May our Lord Jesus Bless you all,




  1. Thank you, Ray, for posting this. Many thanks to Glynda for her powerful address here, so clear and well spoken. It’s vital at this time that we all understand, as best we can, this putrid spirit. I have absolutely encountered the vile and festering Jezebel hag in the workplace, in the church, in my family, and recently in the form of a false prophet who recklessly and publicly leads gullible people down dark and slippery paths via a well known electronic platform. Despicable and appalling in the extreme. I couldn’t hardly believe what I was witnessing. It was (and currently is) outlandish. May Father God have mercy.

    Always, we must have compassion for the misguided person involved, but the driving spirit of Jezebel must be cast into the pit of hell. And the person with the Jezebel spirit, when unrepentant and out of control, needs to be brought to proper Godly justice so that they might turn from their ways and otherwise NOT be allowed to do any more damage to vulnerable, hurting, weak or ignorant people who need Jesus Christ and His truth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, but Jezebel’s mission is to create a complete trainwreck. A complete and fatal derailment from the right path. To HELL with Jezebel.

    1. They are nasty and act very inappropriately when they don’t get their way! You are right, people do need to be aware! God will contend with them and they will expose themselves. Thank you Brother for your comment and may God Bless you.

  2. When this podcast was posted on Glynda’s main channel, it was stuck on No Views for about an hour or something. I went to check another channel I follow, and saw the same thing (No Views) – plus the owner of that channel mentioning that the volume in her videos are being manipulated to low. Making her talk louder and her throat hurting.

    In the mighty name and authority of Jesus, the Name above ALL names – at which every knee WILL bow and every tongue confess that HE IS LORD, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Alpha and Omega, The First and Last, The Beginning and the End, Messiah, Most Holy, Ever Righteous, Just Judge and God, the Living Word and Water, Prince of Peace, Mighty Conqueror, ALL Powerful, ALL Knowing, ALL Present, the ONE and ONLY TRUE LIVING God, I pour His precious and powerful blood over you, both of your channels, and the algorithms that are programmed to manipulate the actual viewer count of your videos. I bind satan and ALL his agents coming against you, and both of your channels, and ask for warring angels with flaming swords, fire, chains, hooks, cages, and every essential weapon available at their disposal, to apprehend, bind in chains, cage, and send them to the deepest fiery abyss, and await their final judgment from the Most High God. I command you to release those actual numbers, and make THIS video accessible to EVERY serious and true believer of Jesus, who needs to hear this message and teaching RIGHT NOW!!! I decree and declare in Jesus mighty Name, that there absolutely be NO retaliation in any shape or form whatsoever against this prayer, you, your ministry, both of your channels, and me. In Jesus Christ’s most holy, powerful, mighty, and precious name, AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN!!!

    I also made some changes to this prayer for the other channel I follow. And posted it on the comments of her latest video.

  3. I can’t thank you enough. I have just been given peace through this. I have been attacked by Jezebel through a professing Christian “friend” for years. I could never put my finger on what was happening, I always felt like I was being used and lied to, I hit a point where she almost convinced me I was the one who was in the wrong, because as soon as I said “no” to her. She flipped out, blocked and slandered me. She would come in and out of my life, every single time I would start to pursue deliverance, she would force herself back into my life at the “perfect” time and screw with my emotions. Wow. I have no doubt anymore. Never again. Praise Jesus Christ.

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