Follow Up Podcast: To Clear The Air…

I received an email from a listener abroad overnight.  This is just a follow up to some potential confusion over what I have presented in the past as well as some of what was presented in part two of the ark series.  The email sent to me shows me many may be feeling a sense of hopelessness.  I submit to you there is a reason for why I present content the way I do to alleviate any misunderstandings.  





  1. Brother, your heart is huge. I’m reminded once again why you’re my friend. Your including that e-mail from a dear sis in Indonesia touches my heart. What a sweetie pie she is. “Jabber-whack.” Wow, how apt…her big heart shines forth in a dark world. What a lovely soul. Indeed, people are meant for fellowship, where they can see faces and share love and talk and get real. Not sure if our sweet friend in Indonesia is a mother, but, I know she has a mother. But one thing we know is that she’s a “baby heart.”

    Speaking of babies, my Pastor’s wife recently reminded me of a “baby crush.” What is that? Well, she said, “Tom, I think you have a ‘baby crush’ on Felix.” Back in the day, Felix would cry in church, but when I held him I would wipe his little tears away and somehow it was always okay and he would stop crying. People were impressed in church, but, I thought hey…I have a son and I understand.

    This past Sunday, I saw little Felix, now age about five. Kindergarten age. He doesn’t cry in church anymore. When he was walking with his mom, he waved to me. I couldn’t believe it! I said, “Hey buddy!” That smile I got back was priceless…utterly priceless.

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