New Podcast: Get Into The Ark Pt. 2 (w/ Special Guest Manyrounds)

The eye of the storm is upon us, closer than many believe.  Time is running out for those being called to get themselves right with our Lord Jesus.  In this second installment of ‘Get Into The Ark” I will be laying out wrong attitudes versus what we should be doing in this late hour.  Special guest Manyrounds of ‘Fellowship of the Fortified Tower’ will also be joining me for a very real discussion in what we are seeing and what fate will come upon those who continue to live in rebellion. 


This is a long podcast, (the longest I’ve ever done) but there is a lot to cover and put into perspective as it pertains to wrong attitudes and heeding the calling to get right and maintain doing what is right in the eyes of our Lord Jesus.  It is my prayer this episode will be a blessing to you and that you hear the Lord’s calling to stop sitting on the fence and call on Him before it’s too late.  The enemy fought me in every way in getting it completed so my prayer is that the message being delivered is heard loud and clear.  The Ark is pulling up to the dock.  Will you get in it (get right with Jesus)?





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  1. Oh, Brother Ray, both you and “Manyrounds” pulled out all the stops on this one. Your honesty as men, with hearts for us all in these times, shows clearly. I couldn’t think of two finer buddies to have. No matter that you both have a lot of hard things to say. Brother, I can take it. Know why? Because I feel things too, and I love others so much, that I can see the love you both feel for believers and non-believers alike. Keep up the good work, guys. Just hammer it out as the Lord guides you. Don’t worry if at any moment whether your song is “pretty.” It ain’t always about being sweet, and nice, and kind (although we know that goes a long way too!).

    If there’s anybody here looking on who hasn’t had time (I get that – our time is valuable) to listen to the entire content, then all I can say is chill out and lay down on your bed if you have to, and just take this in. Nuff said for now, I think.

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