Podcast: Walking In The Desert (JPH Radio 3-12-2021)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be sharing the very first episode I ever took part in before the podcast for Innocence Redeemed podcast came to be.  This episode was previously available on JPH so I felt it needed to be added here.  This is my testimony about my trip in the wilderness and the refining I went through before this ministry came to be.  I thought it was timely just due to many entering into a desert season in refining. I initially had something else planned this week but due to unforeseen circumstances that podcast is currently on hold for now.  Thank you for your patience.





  1. Please pray for me that I will be able to hear HIS still small voice. I am in the wilderness now and have been for 10 years. Thank you

    1. Hello Janet,
      I would encourage you to get a copy of Glynda’s book, The Wilderness Companion (available in print, kindle, and audible) on Amazon. It’s the story of how God brought her through the different Wildernesses in her life. It’s also a treasure trove of nuggets, and important key point lessons to learn and apply in our own lives.

    2. Hi Janet, I will pray for you and I appreciate you reaching out. Rover Radar makes a great point here, and I do recommend also the Wilderness Companion because if there are areas where you are struggling, you may not realize it and knowing these will help you submit and that greatly can shorten your time spent there. Many are in refinement right now or going into it, so I definitely recommend that book as well. Also, though I make no promises, Glynda and myself may collaborate on a wilderness podcast but we shall see. Stay tuned and never be afraid to reach out with any questions. Jesus Bless you -Ray

  2. I’m in agreement with Glynda. This is a good time to go back and revisit and reflect on an excellent podcast. Good idea to re-post here! 🙂

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