New Email Layout & Update

Greetings Everyone-


Just a quick heads up and a few things about this update- some of you may have noticed that the email form has changed.  This is because Innocence Redeemed just recently underwent a recent upgrade for security and support to the site.  The old email form therefore was no longer compatible nor supported and a new one had to be created in order to continue sending out emails when there is new content such as a new blog or podcast.  For the majority of you there will be no change and there is nothing further you need to do if you are getting the content updates.


For some, please note that if you have been inactive for a while (meaning you haven’t clicked on any of the emails in over six months) you will automatically be removed from the mailing list by the system, so it is always important to click on the emails from time to time (if nothing else, just to open it) so the system won’t remove you from the list automatically after a long period of what it determines to be inactive.  


Also if you are signing up with or have signed up with an invalid address (i.e. such as, etc..) and I receive a ping back from my host telling me that the email could not be delivered, I will remove the invalid address from the mailing list so as to avoid getting numerous emails back that they could not be delivered.  Of course, you always have the option to re-subscribe using a new or alternate email address.  Please make sure also that if you are not seeing the emails when they go out, that you login to your email provider and check your junk/spam folder and let it know that these are not spam as this could be another reason for addresses going inactive if the emails sent out from Innocence Redeemed are not being seen.


Thank you everyone and may God Bless.



In His presence,




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