New Podcast & Document: I created a list of promises you can offer in Confession & Praise to the Lord when you pray!

On this mini-cast of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be revealing a decree & praise document that I have created in the last day for those of you who struggle with praise in the midst of trials or whatever situation you are contending with.  It is a good to get in the right habits now, rather than later.  Jesus is with you, and no problem you encounter is too big for Him but we want to be making sure that we are getting into the habit of giving praise and thanksgiving while also keeping ourselves in check and carrying the Lord’s promises.  This episode and list of praises is designed to do just that -confession and praising God for His promises.  I may do more of these in the future, but keep in mind as with any promise you read in the Word, any of you can do this so that the promises and praise applies to your situation.  This is just a short tutorial on how you go about speaking the promises as praise or confessions.  For any of you struggling, hang in there.  You are not alone.  Many of your fellow Brothers and Sisters all around the world are going through the same trials you are.  It is my prayer that this list of praises are a Blessing to you.





The document titled ‘Morning Decrees & Praise’ Are On The Resources Page along with all other prayers and decrees but you can also get it by clicking here



  1. Thank you, brother Ray for this list of decrees and praise. I appreciate the work that resulted this tool. Again, many thanks. You are appreciated.

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