Dream-Vision: A Series of Railroad Tracks…

In the overnight hours of 1/23 or wee hours of 1/24, I had a dream vision.  In this dream, I found myself driving a pickup truck and before my path was a series of railroad tracks, like five or six of them.  There were other vehicles beside and behind me.  I remember there were no crossings because for whatever reason I was having to downshift to give the truck enough power to climb over the track rails and get past before these trains that were oncoming from multiple directions and blowing their horns would hit me.  Others behind me were hesitant to cross and others were getting stuck in the process of also attempting to cross.  They were stuck and crying out.  I only know for whatever reason I had to get over these series of tracks because if I didn’t, I would be caught in whatever I was driving away from, leaving behind or face getting smashed into by one of these speeding locomotives whether they were coming from one direction or another.  I was as if the only way to safety was going forward.  There was only one way.  Many chose not to cross the railroad tracks to get past the speeding trains and I wasn’t shown what happened to them. 


That was the end of the dream.  For reference I make mention of this dream in the soon to be released podcast titled, God’s Way or The Way of Pride.

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