Podcast Repost: Are You Heading Into A Wilderness? (w/ Special Guest Glynda Lomax)

Greetings Everyone,


I wanted to personally thank those of you who have reached out to me about your situations.  Though I can get busy at times, please know that your comments have not gone unnoticed and I will be following up individually.  Some of you have indicated that you are either in a wilderness or that things have started to seem like they are going downhill for you and you may be entering one.  I felt as a follow-up to the Tests, Tests, & More Tests episode that was just released, that it was important to repost a podcast myself and Glynda recorded back in late March of 2022 titled, Are You Heading Into A Wilderness.  This episode was then posted on 4/1/2022. 


Some of you may be wondering what exactly to expect and I find that posting my personal testimony may be of value so you know what I had to do to get through it as also circumstances as they presented.  Please know that this was initially supposed to be a two-part series but after it was recorded other things came up at the time or other topics took precedent, however, it would seem from what I’m observing, more and more are going through a strenuous season or have entered one and this has not escaped my attention. 


I will be in touch with Glynda to ask if she is interested in recording a part two at some point (please understand I cannot make a promise as to when this will be).  In the meantime, as there are so many facets and circumstantial situations depending on the believer and what they are contending with in a wilderness; If you have any specific questions or points you would like to see addressed as they pertain to a wilderness season, please leave a comment below or you may send me an email.  All names and submissions are kept confidential and please know that personal names and information is never shared on this platform unless granted specific permission.  Jesus Bless you all and I pray that this repost is helpful to those who may not have heard it when initially posted or a refresher to those who did.





Original description of as follows:


On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I was a guest on Just Praise Him Radio with Glynda Lomax to discuss the elements of a wilderness experience and signs you may be in one and what to do.


On this episode, you will hear us discuss:


  • How wilderness seasons right now are connected to escaping those things that are to come
  • What our wilderness seasons were like, how we felt
  • Things we got right and wrong – meltdown moments from our wilderness experiences
  • What happens as the wilderness season progresses
  • A discussion of the Promise of Promotion
  • What is the purpose of a wilderness season and why would a loving Father put us through all that?
  • Choosing to submit now – or later



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