New Podcast: Cannibalism Judgment vs The Bread of the Living God

Recently I received an email from a listener asking me about what the Word says in regards to cannibalism and whether it is a curse and inquiring on those who this judgment is reserved for vs those who receive communion.  Initially I sent this recording to the listener and a few others but after receiving positive feedback I decided to release it for this week’s episode.  I will cover this question as it relates to judgment of the wicked vs what the Word says about receiving communion for those who belong to the Lord.


Are we supposed to receive communion if we are enveloped in sin?  Many do but do not recognize they aren’t supposed to unless we come to repentance and fully accept Jesus and who He is first.  This is a topic that is not talked about too much.  I will exhort the the difference in all of these in what the Word says plus a few other issues that need to be addressed to clear up any confusion.  I pray this episode is a blessing to you.







Reference verses for consideration:



Bible Reasons: Cannibalism Reserved As Judgment for the Wicked



Bible Verses On Communion



Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone



Bible Verses Concerning Homosexuality



Bible Verses On Complacency





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  1. Just type in google “CANIBAL CLUB” …this is a kind of real restaurant that exists in Lost Angeles and elsewhere in USA also!

    1. Yes, that’s what I meant that it is going on and many are unaware of it. The only thing I’m not sure about is who all actually takes part in it but it really doesn’t matter. The point is, in our pop-obsessed-culture, folks should be made aware of it. Thanks for listening!

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