New Podcast: What Do You Believe?

As a season of refining and various tests and trials are upon us (part of the humbling), are we enduring through faith in the Lord and His Word or are we allowing or words to forfeit our blessings and directions?  What do we believe exactly?  GodÔÇÖs promises?  Or are we stuck on believing and declaring the lies of the enemy, being stuck in the sin of unbelief as we have entered this dangerous season?  This podcast is a real wake-up call about not only our faith, but the words that proceed from our mouths.  You would be surprised just how powerful they are.  On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I will talk about these topics and what the Lord may be trying to show us.  It is a somber call for all of us to reflect on as the storm moves in that there is power in our words and that they can make the difference between a Blessing or a detriment in any and all situations.  Choose carefully.






Commentary on Unbelief Being The Biggest Sin


  1. Thank you, Ray. Like you, Glynda, and others, it’s been rough these past months, being stuck in the pain and restlessness of isolation (if I may call it that). There were times I wanted to cry, but just could not. At one point, the heaviness felt too much, I wanted to end it all. The last time I felt that, was when I used to live with my sister in 2004 (till early 2005). The constant stirring inside forced me into many late nights (into the wee hours of the morning) looking up, reading, and writing down chapters and verses on faith, peace, trusting in God, His provision, and crying out in desperation for His peace and the need to hear His voice. The Humble Thyself podcast confirmed what I heard on May 23rd – “I desire humility from you.” I have found and am learning, that there is a deep need to quiet one’s soul and spirit, in coming before the Lord (it’s hard to do that when everything inside is screaming). Last week (on Thursday, the 9th), the stirring inside prodded me to move beyond just being still where I am, and pour out my heart to Jesus, in a long walk. It was then I heard Him say, “You worry so much, about what you think others think of you. That (what you think others think of you) is not so. In Me, is your peace. In Me, is your strength. In Me, is your worth.” I pray, the abundant blessings of His anointing, and daily provisions in every area of your life.

    1. Rover, sorry it has taken me so long to come in and comment on your post. All I simply want to say is that you’ve shared an excellent testimony. You have lifted up and encouraged me, as well as many others. What you’ve shared is pure, honest, ever so relatable, and I appreciate it very much. And of course, many thanks as always to Brother Ray for providing this forum and for his rich minstry. God bless you, Rover.

  2. Thank you ever so kindly. Please forgive me, for taking so long to finally understand everything you have been telling me (re: my silence in not responding [feedbacks] to previous podcasts, and whatever else, in between). I confess and sincerely acknowledge, I was wrong. You are definitely are right, when you mentioned in a previous podcast ( I think it was Humble Thyself), about pain being in the heart, mind, soul, and spirit. May I never forget this painful lesson. God always, and richly bless you, Ray.

  3. Yes Ray, I feel like we.are going through the ringer. I feel like we still have more to go. Thank you for all you do. Also, did you ever get your air conditioning fixed?

    1. I did. Thank you for asking. I had recorded a brief update and put it out over a month ago, but it was only a few minutes long and I took it down after three weeks so as to not distract from all the other material I released thereafter. That whole situation was a nightmare but God came through!

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