In the summer of 2020, as governments began to ease their initial lockdown restrictions, bureaucrats worked in lockstep with the media to sway public opinion in favor of the general use of surgical and cloth face coverings.  Facemasks became an everyday visual promotion of false well-being hysteria; a ruse for all to publicly participate in the collective contagion mindset.  Unfortunately, kids worldwide are being forced to wear masks for extended periods despite the evidence that facemasks are ineffective, cause health problems, and induce psychological trauma.  This second episode of the Covidland series, The Mask, uncovers the real science behind face coverings and explores the physical and mental health impacts of facemasks.  Featuring Tammy Clark, Dwayne Stovall, Kristen Meghan Kelly, Peggy Hall, Dr. Lee Merrett, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny,  Alex Newman and many others.  Written and produced by Paul Wittenberger.  Narration by Alex Jones.





If you have not seen the first installment of this series, titled, “The Lockdown,” you may do so here:





  1. Isn’t it interesting that the Mayo Clinic has a “modern” definition of hypochondria, and here it is: “Illness anxiety disorder is a chronic mental illness previously known as hypochondria. People with this disorder have a persistent fear that they have a serious or life-threatening illness despite few or no symptoms.”

    The cult of the mask has nothing to do with public health or safety. The common masks people wear in public do not block or protect against viruses. Even during sterile surgical procedures (or rather, as sterile as possible), masks need to be changed out frequently, and cannot be touched lest they become potentially contaminated more than they already are on the inside where the wearer is constantly exhaling. This is appropriate when someone’s body is opened up to invasive surgical procedures, or in medical environments where people are truly ill, and where threats to health are readily and apparently at hand. But it’s not appropriate in general public settings. It never has been and continues not to be. It’s all about intimidation, submission and control. It’s social – – not medical. It’s evil, and the dark motives behind it are now readily evident for all to see. Or at least anyone who dares to open their eyes and see instead of blindly pandering to nonsense.

    Take restaurants in particular. Who eats with a mask fixed on their face over their mouth? Nobody. So, why go to any establishment that’s there for the purpose of consuming food and drink (and presumably enjoying it), where there’s a face covering policy, and where employees are forced to wear face coverings for long shifts? First, why would anyone suffering from mental illness (hypochondria) step into a restaurant or a public space for that matter, then take their mask off and on? Ridiculous. That would be delusional, unreasonable, self-defeating, and ridiculously inconsistent behavior. They would be fooling themselves. Well, newsflash: they are fooling themselves.
    And second, why does any establishment that caters to ridiculousness and misery and oppression of others deserve to be in business? It doesn’t. All people, especially service workers, deserve to be treated far better than that. Is it any wonder that these places are now commonly understaffed, and that increasingly, the quality of the food and the overall experience is no longer worthy of the premium price?

    If you have the sniffles, a cough, a fever, etc., then stay home. Eat chicken noodle soup and extra fluids, snuggle up, take naps, wash your hands, gargle, take meds., and monitor fevers. Go to a clinic if you need to. If you’re terrified of even encountering for the rest of your life such symptoms, even mild ones, then seek compassionate mental health services for anxiety, because that’s what you have – – not REAL physical illness. Hypochondria, and it’s associated hysteria, is mental illness. If it quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck, has feathers like a duck, then it’s a duck.

    And for those who insist on wearing masks in public? Go for it, but do it for yourself. Go about your business; and let others be. They don’t share your personal concerns and need not be burdened by you, nor are they responsible for your health. You are. Imagine that – – personal responsibility.

    I have never allowed the mentally ill to run my life, and I’m not about to do it now. And as for all of this “Jesus would take the vaccine” nonsense? Well, WRONG. He was and is God. King of the Universe. Lord of Lords, King of Kings. He healed without the aid of potions and concoctions and pharmakeia – – or fear or coercion. I rest my case, and no, I’m not against medical intervention. If a person is too afraid of their own shadow, then they shouldn’t leave their home until they can find appropropriate mental health support.

    Why not have compassion for those suffering from hypochondria (the cult of the mask as well as vaccine delusions) and come to an understanding that they ought not to leave home while their symptoms are raging, and that they ought to seek and be given proper mental health treatment? Because that’s what they need: mental health services.

    The only REAL pandemic we’ve experienced in the United States during the past two years has been in the form of mental illness across the anxiety disorder spectrum. This concerns us all. Symptoms of cold and flu, and their pneumonic/respiratory complications both bacterial and viral, are otherwise nothing new under the sun. If we were experiencing anything remotely similar to what we know raged across Eurasia, North Africa and Europe in the middle of the 14th century, then we would be seeing an entirely different response to this so-called “pandemic.”

  2. That’s a great post Tom. Where are all the environmentalists gone? Masks are an environmental hazard especially to sea life.The hypocrisy of world leaders is very clear to see. The masks are no more than a psychological tool brought in to keep the virus first and foremost in people’s minds. I remember thinking, at the time when they were mandated here, we can’t move on with the constant reminder in our lives. If someone wants to wear a mask that should be their choice. They have changed society in a very negative way.

    1. Hi Audrey. Thanks! Yep, it’s a giant psy-op. And you’re right about how it has literally derailed society in many bad ways!

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