Email cleanup and an update…

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,


I believe it was important to send out a reminder about the posting of new content concerning the newsletter and when email alerts go out for this ministry.


The main reason I wanted to post this entry today was to let some of you know that I am currently doing an email cleanup.  This has been ongoing for a while now because the system automatically alerts me when there is an address that the newsletter cannot be delivered to, due to it bouncing back as ‘undeliverable’ or an address having become inactive and a significant amount of time has passed.  




In regards to inactivity, here is an example of what I see on my end:



What this particular graphic illustrates is that the person who signed up has never once opened any of the emails.  



In a previous post, I stated that I had upgraded to a new email system about a year ago and that if an email address shows no activity (meaning the emails sent when there is new content do not get opened, clicked on, etc.) that eventually, after so much time, the system would flag the address as inactive (such as in the graphic above).  The purpose of this email system is for this very reason; for engagement/ maintenance purposes.  Some email providers/systems such as Hotmail and Yahoo, will sometimes send emails to a spam/junk folder. 


Some suffixes (i.e. such as @icloud) are not valid addresses unless they are set up specifically to receive actual emails.  In most cases of icloud, this is an address given by Apple when you sign up for their icloud services for use on an Apple device such as with app purchases/subscriptions or i-messaging on an iphone, ipad, ipod touch, mac computer, etc.  If you are using an icloud address, please make sure that it is capable of receiving emails.  I mention this example specifically because many instances of undeliverable emails have pertained to @icloud addresses in the past.  However these instances are not specifically limited to icloud addresses -it can be any email provider that flags the news letter as spam/junk.


*If you are not receiving email alerts and know that you signed up on the mailing list, I highly recommend checking your junk/spam folder and telling your email provider that the emails from Innocence Redeemed are not junk/spam.  You do this by ticking the box next to the specific email from Innocence Redeemed and marking it as ‘not spam.’


Brothers and sisters, there is nothing personal about this, but please understand that when I receive these notifications, I will remove these addresses rather than trying to figure out why they are bouncing back to the server and then flooding me with notifications.  I will figure the person is either not getting them because the emails are going to a spam or junk folder or is no longer interested.


Even if you use a podcast app or other streaming platform and are only signed up to be notified when there is a new podcast, it is still recommended to click on the news letter email from time to time (once every few months is usually sufficient) if you are on the mailing list.


Please note that emails only go out when there is new content or there’s an update of some sort.   I will seldom send out email alerts for reposts unless I believe it’s absolutely necessary (such as a post that I am discerning applies to now and needs to be reposted).   Please know that Innocence Redeemed will never spam your email with junk or unnecessary alerts  –believe me, I don’t like ads and spam myself!



So, if you used to receive the emails and are no longer receiving them, it could be that;


1.)  You may have inadvertently marked it as spam at some point and therefore your email provider now treats the newsletter as such.


2.)  Your email provider ‘suspected’ it to be spam and is sending it to spam automatically or;


3.)  You may have unsubscribed or;


4.)  I may have unsubscribed you if I kept receiving notifications from the host that the newsletter email could not be delivered to an address due to encountering errors (for me to unsubscribe an address means this has happened more than a few times). 


5.)  You may have signed up under an address you no longer use or use infrequently.


In the latter cases, you will have to use the news letter sign up form on the about page (at the bottom of the page) to sign up again for the newsletter using an active and valid email address.



Now one last thing; The Resources Page has been recently updated with new prayers in regards to deliverance so if there are any sins you are struggling with you may want to check that out.   I update this page from time to time without making any formal announcements but I have added quite a few new ones over the last few months so if you haven’t checked it out in a while please be sure to do so as I know the attacks have been ramping up for many lately.



May Jesus Bless you everyone.


In His presence,



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