New Podcast: Regular Appearances of 333 & 444: What Is The Lord Trying To Say?

For the last three weeks at least, I continue to see 333 and 444 on the clock at times more than once per day while just doing random tasks not even looking for it.  As a result I began to study what God is trying to say.  Both are related to repentance and ministry and go hand in hand.  On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be sharing with you the meaning of 333 and 444 but also presenting what I have come to see and what I believe the Lord is trying to tell His people.  Does your heart belong to Him or is it still very much so in that of the world?  Are you accepting His salvation in the way that you think you are or are you paying Him lip service only while your heart is far from Him?  Are you laying down your sins?  What sins need to be laid down?  How do we find forgiveness and healing?  What does the Lord want from us after we accept Him as new believers and what is He trying to say to a backslidden and unrepentant church before judgment falls?  Why are so many still going the opposite way when the day of visitation is nearly at the door and God continues to warn through His prophets and watchmen?  Lastly I will be sharing a new prophetic dream I had a few days ago and explaining it in how it pertains to the church at large as well as those being called to serve so that you are careful to seek Him on this and not miss the opportunity.  It is my prayer that this episode is a Blessing to you.







Verses referenced in this podcast are in the process of being added.

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