The Contact Form Is Now Fixed & Working!

Happy Sabbath everyone!


I wanted to reach out to thank all of you who have offered prayers and support.  It has been a very interesting season for me to say the least but I know that good testimonies, podcasts and wisdom will come out of all of these trials.  I wanted to give thanks to a listener from France (you know who you are!) for bringing it to my attention that the contact form wasn’t working correctly.  Upon investigation of this, I found that the contact form was completely missing from my about page!  Imagine that!  I don’t know when this occurred.  I may have been experimenting with a different type of form at some point and accidentally deleted it or deactivated it unknowingly.  It’s also possible I may have removed the code for the embed when I was adding my mailing address information a couple of months back on the about page.   That said, I am pleased to let you all know (for those who would like to contact or send emails) that the form is back up and running now.  


There are a few other things I would also like visitors to the blog to know; I am aware that when posting comments that sometimes an error occurs with the captcha.  While I would love to remove the captcha altogether, unfortunately I cannot due to the fact that when the cat is away the rats like to play.  In other words, in the world we live there are trouble makers and bots out there who want to leave comments advertising their products and/or services and if not that, I get spam comments that contain gambling or pornographic content & links.  Although I have a disclaimer on my about section, the fact remains that bots will try to look for any way to trash a website.  Sometimes they still get through but all comments go to pending status for approval and so know that when I do see these, it will lead to their IP address being banned/blacklisted from commenting on the blog, much less accessing Innocence Redeemed.  But because of these random attempts, I need to leave the Captcha in place to try and mitigate these as much as possible which then will automatically flag them as spam.  


What does this mean for you?  Well, because of security that I have running on this site, updates are ran weekly and automatically by the hosting service.  I have no control over when these take place as it’s part of the hosting service package so they occur automatically (many websites do this behind the scenes as well).  So due to this, if you would like to comment and have problems, you will occasionally need to update your browser, or clear cache & cookies (history) if you are having difficulties since the certificates are being renewed.  Whenever I have advised someone to do this if they are having trouble, it seems to remedy the problem and then they are able to comment again.  I realize not everyone is tech-savvy on how to do this and because devices vary in where these settings are located, you will have to research how to do this on your own device specifically if you are using an Android or Apple device.  To my knowledge, most browsers (i.e. Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) for computers usually have privacy settings built in where you can even set them to clear history each time when closing out the browser itself.  I recommend setting things that way anyway just because of the rampant fraud out there on the web and the fact that you can never be too careful this day and age.  I hope this clears that up.


Brothers and Sisters, Thank you again for your support and being part of the Innocence Redeemed family.


Jesus Bless you and take care of yourselves out there.


In His presence,



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